Socodile Holding is proud to sign an exclusive partnership with Aspel Fragrances.
Quality, honesty and creativity are the values that create the foundation of the Aspel methodology. It is a declaration to the expression of one’s imagination. The contemporary approach in the creation of each product allows every individual the ability to have an active lifestyle while feeling rejuvenated and tranquil. The brand is a unique combination of relaxed style and dynamic power, and therefore sets a new benchmark.

All Aspel products are developed and made in France. The brand prides itself in the quality of its natural products that are free of harmful chemicals. Aspel deodorant is an aerosol free spray made without aluminium, parabens, propylene glycol, tea/dea, triclosan, talc, or artificial colors.

In one spray of the bottle, Aspel Deodorant transports the user to the most beautiful locations on the globe right from where they stand. It is created for individuals of a contemporary and active lifestyle with the capability to reboot any mood to give a fresh and relaxed feeling.